Ken Kobland

Ken Kobland is a NYC-based, film/video artist who has produced numerous independent works since 1975; works which principally are “urban-scape/essays”, biographical and fictional. His work is distributed by EAI (New York), VDB (Chicago) and Argos (Brussels). In addition to his personal films and videos, he has had a long association, since the mid-’70s, with the Wooster Group, producing film and video work for the very first performance pieces created by Elizabeth LeCompte and Spalding Gray, including NAYATT SCHOOL, POINT JUDITH, ROUTE 1&9, LSD (…JUST THE HIGH POINTS…), and others.

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Ken Kobland


December 15 – January 3 • 1 pm - 6 pm daily • Admission is free

2 JUMPS is a moving diptych, seeing Moscow at two different times in its recent history, nearly 20 years apart, before and after the fall of the Soviet Union.

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