Ken Kobland

December 15, 2015

Ken Kobland


December 15 – January 3 • 1 pm - 6 pm daily • Admission is free

2 JUMPS is a moving diptych, seeing Moscow at two different times in its recent history, nearly 20 years apart.

In 1990, perestroike is evolving into a national upheaval. The country is on the brink of historic change, communism and the ruling elite are withering and the hopesand fears of an unknown, but possibly better, future was in everyone’s faces.

By 2008, the Soviet Union had collapsed, Moscow was in the throes of an unprecedented neo­consumerism, and it’s most visual, visceral, manifestation was in the streets: the orgy of commercial advertising, the illuminated billboards, the giant video screens, the roads jammed with expensive cars, and everywhere the face of Western glamour.

31:00 ­looped, diptych. B&W/Color/Stereo (Hi8 video and HD)

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